Veramendi is a 2,400 acre mixed-use development to be developed in compliance with the development agreement approved by City Council and fully executed on February 25, 2013. The development agreement is the City’s consent to the creation of the Comal County Water Improvement District No. 1.

The Veramendi development agreement includes design standards, applications, processes and improvements unique to this development. It also adopted the Master Framework Plan which established the broad development framework for the project including the location of planning areas, major roadways, activity nodes, regional parks and linear open space parks. One of the many appendices to the development agreement is the Development & Design Control Document (DDCD) that is the primary document regarding the design standards, processes and applications to which all development activity is reviewed and governed.

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Development Agreement
(Full Execution Date: February 25, 2013)

Amendments to Development Agreement 
(July 22, 23, and 24, 2015)

List of Development Agreement Exhibits

Exhibit A - Consent Resolution
Exhibit B - Description of Property
Exhibit C - Disannexed Property
Exhibit D - Code of Ordinances - The City's Code of Ordinances and all uncodified ordinances in effect as of February 25, 2013.
Exhibit E - DDCD (Development & Design Control Document - aka development standards - Amended June 2019)
Exhibit F - See Transportation
Exhibit G - Development Standards for Specialized Areas
Exhibit H - Master Framework Plan (Amended November 2019)

Stormwater Related

Exhibit I - Stormwater Management & Flood Control Analysis (Drainage Report)
Exhibit J - Regional Stormwater Facility
Exhibit K
- Regional Stormwater Facility
Exhibit L - Regional Stormwater Facility Easement Property
Exhibit M - Regional Stormwater Facility Escrow Agreement
Exhibit N - Sedimentation Study Report
Exhibit O - Comal County Flood Control Dam Watershed
Exhibit P - Stormwater Facility Watershed
Exhibit Q - German Creek Diversion Channel

Transportation Related

Exhibit F - Internal Traffic Improvements
Exhibit R - Traffic Impact Analysis
Exhibit S - Internal Traffic Improvements
Exhibit T - External Traffic Improvements
Exhibit U - Main Plaza
Exhibit V - SH Loop 337 Improvement Triggers & Responsibilities
Exhibit W - SH Loop 337 Improvement Segments
Exhibit X - SH Loop 337 Owner & Third Party Improvements
Exhibit Y - Additional SH Loop 337 ROW & Valued SH Loop 337 ROW
Exhibit Z - External FM 1863 Connection ROW

Utility Related

Exhibit CC - Utility Agreement
First Amendment to Utility Agreement


Exhibit AA - Regional Park Locations
Exhibit BB - District Division Plan
Exhibit DD - Strategic Partnership Agreement
Exhibit EE - Application Fees

*The Development Agreement Exhibit files are large and may take several minutes to load.