Citations & Tickets


IMPORTANT:  Any requests for action on your case will not be processed by the Court until ALL requirements have been submitted.  This means that any appearance/court dates, due dates, warrants, Drivers License holds or any other status will remain in effect until all requirements are received.

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Court Resources

  1. Parking Violations
  2. Compliance Dismissals
  3. Driving Safety Course
  4. Deferred Disposition
  5. Local Rules for Court

Parking Violations

To address your parking violation:

Email the court at with the following information

  • citation or docket number in the subject line (include any letters that precede the numbers, i.e. "RB11111" or "RE222222" or "P33333" in the upper right-hand corner of the citation/notice,
  • copy of your photo ID,
  • your PLEA to each violation: Guilty, Not Guilty or No Contest - plea form on next page. *If you do not know how you would like to plea, please view the Judge's video above. If you still are uncertain, let the court know you would like to be set before the Judge. 

Emails are processed in the order they are received.  Please include ALL requests and documentation in ONE email.