Light Bulbs

Disposing of Light Bulbs

Landfill disposal of light bulbs is an option, but diversion from the landfill is better. Burned out light bulbs generated from your home can legally be placed in your garbage container. This includes long fluorescent tubes, CFLs (curly-q bulbs), and the old incandescent bulbs.

CFLs should be double-bagged before they are placed in the trash to reduce the occurrence of broken bulbs releasing mercury in the air at the time of collection. However, it is preferred that CFLS and fluorescent tubes be collected and properly disposed of in a household hazardous waste program or otherwise diverted from the landfill, as they do contain mercury.

Alternatives to the Landfill

The City of New Braunfels does not have a permanent household hazardous waste drop-off location. However, intact CFLs can be dropped off at several local retailers for no charge.

Additionally, bulbs and tubes can be diverted from the landfill by purchasing a mail-back service from a number of companies: