Benefits & Incentives

Local Historic District Tax Relief
All properties located in designated local historic landmark districts are eligible to receive a 20% reduction in their City's assessed ad valorem taxes.  Property owners in these districts must apply for this benefit annually by April 1st by filing the appropriate paperwork directly with the Comal Appraisal District.  To apply, applicants should complete the Application for Historic or Archeological Site Tax Exemption and submit a copy of the accompanying ordinance.  The enabling ordinances for each district can be found below.  


Rehabilitation Tax Relief

 A locally designated individual landmark is eligible to apply for tax relief of City taxes for improvements, renovations or restorations to the structure which represents 10% of the value of the property and which improvements extend the life of the structure.  In order to qualify for this relief, applicants provide proof of payment for certain qualified expenses to the Historic Preservation Officer with their application.  If approved, the pre-rehabilitation value will be used to calculate the City's ad valorem tax for five years.  In the fourth year of the relief, the applicant may apply to have the relief extended for an additional five years.  

State Tax Credits for Historic Preservation

The State of Texas offers a Historic Preservation tax credit for the rehabilitation of certain historic properties.  More information on the State Historic Preservation Tax Credit is available here. 

Federal Tax Credits for Historic Preservation

In addition to state and local incentives, the federal government provides tax incentives for the rehabilitation of certain historic properties and for historic preservation easements.  Information on both of these programs is available here.