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1. Does my animal require city licensing, and where can I purchase a city license?
2. Why do I need to vaccinate my pets?
3. Why do I need a heartworm preventative?
4. Why do I need to restrain my pet on my property?
5. How many pets can I have in the city?
6. My neighbor has a large number of dogs in the rear yard which bark all night long. How can I get relief from the dog barking?
7. Who do I contact in order to have a dead animal removed from the street?
8. There are a number of stray cats roaming in our neighborhood, how can I have them removed?
9. There is a large stray dog roaming our neighborhood, how can I have it removed?
10. I have an animal welfare concern regarding my neighbor’s animal, how can I have the location investigated for possible cruelty conditions?