Other Services

Public Health Nuisance

The Environmental Services Division conducts environmental assesment's on a complaint basis on public buildings to check for sanitary conditions at the following facilities:

The Division also investigates:
  • Air and water pollution control complaints
  • Indoor air quality reviews
  • Insect vector control
  • Sanitation and nuisance complaints

In order to check for compliance to establish minimums they also inspect:
  • Mobile home parks
  • RV parks
  • Tent campgrounds

Zika General Information
Mosquitoes- What you need to know about mosquitoes

Child Care Assesments

The Environmental Services Division also performs  assesment's on the following:
  • Adoption placements
  • Day care centers
  • Foster home placements
Please contact the Environmental Services Division to schedule and pay for the assesment. You may also contact The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) for additional questions on child placement.

Flu Information

For information and updates please visit:

For additional information on flu please contact the Comal County Public Health Department at (830) 221-1150.