Speaking at a Meeting

If you are planning to speak at a public meeting, please read through this helpful guide.

Typical procedure for discussion during a public hearing is as follows:

1. Order of Speakers

  • First - Applicant or representative of applicant
  • Second - Persons in favor of the request
  • Third - Persons opposing the request

2. Provide your name and address

Please provide you full name and address before you begin to speak for the record. If you do not, Staff will need to interrupt you to ensure your name and address are captured for the record.

3. Time Limit

The Chair may set a time limit for speakers. 5 minutes is the typical time limit. Speakers should be brief and to the point. Please avoid repetition and redundancy.

4. Questions and Comments

Direct all questions and statements to the Chair and Board or Commission. Please do not engage in conversation with the audience or City staff while at the podium. 

5. Suspension of Discussion

 The Board or Commission, through the Chair, may suspend or alter the proceedings. 

Meetings are typically held at City Hall, located at 550 Landa Street. You should allways check the agenda of the meeting you are attending to be sure of its location. The most recent agendas for each board and commission can be found here.