Special Use Permits

Special Use Permits
Advanced permission is required if your event will include any of the following:
  • Expected attendance over 200
  • Inflatables or amusement rides / games
  • Music or amplified sound
  • Use of a caterer or entertainer
  • Use of a oversized grill or catering/food truck
  • Use of tents larger than 400 sq feet
  • Additional amenities
The Special Use Permit Packet outlines the process to apply for special permits associated with activities conducted within the park system. If you require any of these Special Use Permits, the appropriate permits should be completed and turned in to the Parks Office at least 14 days in advance of your rental. After approval of the permit(s) please bring the form the day of your reservation.

Oversized Grill, Catering Truck, Food Truck Permit, Game Truck

Personal cooking grills are not allowed in any city park. Oversized grills and Vendor Trucks are only allowed in Landa Park at areas 4, 5, 6, 11, 11A, 16, and Landa Haus, Cypress Bend Park, Fischer Park at the Hilltop Pavilion, Camp Comal, H-E-B Soccer Complex and the Fredericksburg Fields.

If your reservation is at one of the designated areas and you would like to utilize an oversized grill or vendor truck, please complete the Grill/Vendor Truck Permit

Outdoor Music / Amplified Sound Permit

Outdoor music and amplified sound are only allowed in Landa Park at areas 11, 16 and Dance Slab; Cypress Bend Park pavilion; Fischer Park Outdoor Amphitheater.

If your reservation will include a loudspeaker or sound-amplifying equipment you will need to complete the Outdoor Amplified Sound Special Use Permit

Inflatable Amusement Ride Permit

Inflatable amusement rides are only allowed in Cypress Bend Park, Landa Park at areas 5, 6, 7A, 11,11A,15 and 16.

If your reservation is at one of the designated areas and you would like to utilize an inflatable please complete the Inflatable Amusement Ride Special Use Permit. Click here to see the list of Approved Inflatable Device Vendors.

Commercial Photography Permit

If you are a professional photographer or filming company who are requesting to use a City of New Braunfels public park for commercial purposes, please complete and submit the Commercial Photography Permit. The permit is not required for individual or single family photo shoots, but rather for a commercial operation that will have a daily impact on regular park use (multiple shoots, extensive props, etc.)

Ribbon Memorial Permit

If you or your organization is interested in placement of ribbons and/or memorials within a city park or Main Plaza please complete and submit the Ribbon Memorial Permit

Landa Park Gazebo Wedding Guidelines

If you have reserved either of the Landa Park gazebos for a wedding, please download the Landa Park Gazebo Wedding Guidelines