The Landa Park Aquatic Complex is CLOSED for the season. Thank you for a great season, see you next year!


LPAC 2019
SUMMER HOLIDAYS: Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day 10am-7pm

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Cash, Check, VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express are accepted.

will not be given for entry fees. 

Refunds & Bad Weather 

Refunds will not be given for any reason, including bad weather. In the event of a bad weather closure, rain checks will only be given if facility is closed for the remainder of the day. 

Special Entry Days 

On Mother's Day and Father's Day, moms and dads (respective to the holiday) will receive FREE entry to the Landa Park Aquatic Complex when they accompany their families to the pool.


The LPAC has a large parking lot in front of the facility that is free for guests to use. There are also free parking areas all throughout Landa Park – please be careful to park your vehicle in a legal spot, otherwise your vehicle can be ticketed and towed. 

Food, Drink, and Furniture

Customers are allowed to bring in their own food, drink and coolers as long as no glass, Styrofoam or alcohol is brought and all trash is thrown away. Customers are also allowed to bring their own furniture (lawn chairs, folding tables) as long as they are not staked to the ground and do not impede a walkway/public access point. Canopy tents and personal grills are not allowed.

Safety Drills


During open hours, we utilize an in-water manikin to audit our lifeguard staff to ensure they are providing adequate safety services for our guests. If you see this manikin in the water or as part of a drill, please leave him alone and do not be alarmed – this is part of a drill used to ensure your safety.